“Wet” by Alumni

This video was shot in a day albeit with a completed screenplay as a (very necessary) guide. The shoot proved considerably more difficult than expected because two-thirds of those pieces-of-shit known as Alumni showed up drunk. What unprofessional trash. Apparently, M.I.Geezus and Prhyme Suspect had decided to apply the method performance approach to a music video intent on paying homage to West Coast hip-hop iconography. They drank I-don’t-know-how-many Olde Englishes throughout the shoot. Naturally, right after we wrapped, M.I.Geezus spewed vomit on concrete, and I will never forgive myself for not having my camera nearby when that inevitability came to pass.

We were lucky enough to have the Impala loaned to us; failure to secure a classic muscle car for an afternoon had stalled previous attempts to execute the video. I considered the car the primary element that made the video worth doing. The Pulp Fiction motif was born out of the song’s fractured storyline and suggested by Prhyme; I then wrote it into the script and created the titles and transitions in post-production. I’m particularly proud of the opening sequence with KelCz cruising along a residential street lined with pink houses. I’m also proud that the warp effects during Prhyme’s drug overdose do not look bad (I hope). Curiously: the ending we were settled with after editing is ambiguous. That wasn’t the case in the script or for what we thought we were capturing on location. We thought we knew what we were creating, but the ending somehow found a way to lend itself to myriad interpretations as to the events that actually occur in the video. So, co-starring my little brothers and my cousin, who were dressed as ghetto West Coast dirtbags by mere coincidence, here’s Alumni’s first single from their upcoming Forever album, “Wet.”

P.S. This was envisioned as the first act in a storyline that could be picked up by future videos. Maybe that can account for how we wound up with such an ambiguous finale.

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