“Pretty/Dope” by Alumni

The most difficult artistic endeavor I’ve ever pursued in my life. I developed the storyline with Alumni group member M.I.Geezus. Then I went away to write. The resulting screenplay was more ambitious than the hip-hop group had anticipated. We weren’t just making a music video; we had a short film on our hands. We filmed the final act of this redoubtable hybrid in a live bar during business hours, which is exactly as difficult as it sounds. I lost approximately six pounds of water weight during that night of principal photography. The intersecting character arcs were supposed to be Altmanesque. The editing technique was supposed to recall Don’t Look Now. But I’m most proud of the fact that we actually got this thing done. I now more than ever subscribe to that old adage (I suppose Kennedy made it famous) about things only truly being worthwhile if they are difficult to accomplish.


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