“Project X” by Alumni

We were all drunk during this video. Even me. Alumni, my regular collaborators, wanted one more music video following the successes of (Take A Walk On) My Side and Pretty/Dope before I went away to begin my senior year of college. We threw a party at my house on a Sunday night, and I floated around with my shoulder rig. I had a few set pieces in mind before the party started: the dancing in the living room, the game of flip cup, and the destruction of the pool table. The rest of the video would be comprised of random moments of intoxication woven around that triptych. I liked the idea of experimenting with freestyle filmmaking, especially after our previous two, ultra-structured, collaborations. The resulting music video is a mess. Sort of. But it’s our mess. And if my drunk, shirtless brother doesn’t make you laugh, then you’re just an asshole.

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